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Brand Name: AierCrystal

Origin: Mainland China

Style: feng shui

Theme: Pyramid

is_customized: No

Is Natural Material: YES

Regional Feature: China

Material: CRYSTAL

Main Material: Natural Crystal and Stone

Natural Material 1: Amethyst,Obsidian,Green Fluorite,Clear Quartz

Natural Material 2: Rose Quartz,Tiger eye Stone,Colored Fluorite,Lapls lazuli

Natural Material 3: Labradorite,Black tourmalin,Blue-veins Stone

Artificial materials 1: blue smeltingstone,Red smeltingstone,Yellow smeltingstone

Artificial materials 2: Synthetic Opal,Blue Sandston,Red sandstone

Technology: cutting, grinding, polishing

Weight Range: 25g,30g,45g

Height Range: 40-50mm,50-60mm,70-80mm

Multifunction use: wicca, chakra balancing, reiki healing ,meditating, recovery

Type1: Crystals and Stone Healing

Type2: Precious Stone

Type3: Crystal Obelisk ,point wand,crystal point

Sale Mode: Retail , Wholesale , Drop shipping

Suitable position: Study living room and bedroom

Note: The color chart shows a comparison of three sizes


Crystal Obelisk

The obelisk is polished from natural quartz,natural quartz crystal is a power and protection stone. Place them on your altar or within any sacred space, they can help to get rid of negative energy from your body and your environment, promote a healthy flow of positive energy throughout your space, very good for reiki healing meditation chakra balancing wicca crystal therapy.

Sizes And Weight

40-50mm: Weight:about 25g height:about 4-5 CM diameter:about 1.5-2 CM
50-60mm: Weight:about 30g height:about 5-6 CM diameter:about 1.5-2 CM
70-80mm: Weight:about 45g height:about 7-8 CM diameter:about 1.5-2 CM

(NOTE:Since the products are all natural stone, there will be a difference in weight due to the difference in density under the same size)

Selling Point

scenes to be used:It is a great gift for your lover, family and friends,Can be placed in a fish tank, Aquarium,flower pot, office,Planting pot,bedroom decoration,He is a very meaningful collection.healing specimer.Can be polished, processed again, turned into crafts

Additional information


Obsidian, blue smeltingstone, Red smeltingstone, Green Fluorite, Clear Quartz, Blue-veins Stone, Rose Quartz, Blue Sandstone, Yellow smeltingstone, Tiger eye Stone, Colored Fluorite, Lapls lazuli, Amethyst, Labradorite, Black tourmalin, Red sandstone, Synthetic Opal, only 3cm Base


Height 40-50mm 1PC, Height 50-60mm 1PC, Height 70-80mm 1PC


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